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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

IT Support

Let AJP simplify your internal IT by outsourcing your technical support to us. We offer PAYG or support contracts and are there on the phone when you need us.

AJP Support Services offer you

Technical Support
  • someone to call on to deal with unexpected problems as they occur
  • an IT consultant to advise on IT planning and strategies
  • an IT technician responsible for monitoring network performance and ensuring that backup routines and anti-virus protection procedures are maintained and up-to-date
  • an operations manager to monitor the performance of your IT systems
  • a computer engineer available to install new hardware and software
  • a helpdesk to resolve the day to day computing problems of your staff

Types of Support

istock_000003734527xsmall.jpgPay-as-you-Go Computer Support
You may prefer not to commit to an annual contract, especially if your IT support requirements are small.  We are happy to offer our support services on an ad hoc basis for just those occasions where you need help and support.  This is a cost effective solution; we are at your disposal when you need us but you are not committed to regular charges.
You may use any of our services including consultancy, strategic planning, on-site support and telephone support.
Regular site visits can be scheduled to attend to regular maintenance tasks, general upgrading of software and hardware and other tasks that cannot be executed remotely or by phone
Full telephone support is available to all clients. You are welcome to call us for any problem, whether it is related to your server, a workstation, peripheral or application. The service is provided during normal working hours.
You may also Email us with problems if you prefer. Our qualified engineers will always provide a speedy response

istock_000003851195xsmall.jpgSupport contracts
Support contracts are provided to offer a range of services which will be customised for your particular business.  The costs of support are then fixed and spread over the year.
The services include those available on the Pay As You Go option and in addition remote support for your systems.

Remote Support
Assuming a successful initial on-site survey of your computer infrastructure, a skilled engineer is then able to log onto your systems remotely and efficiently rectify your problem or guide you through an application process.

Remote Server Support
We will regularly check your server to determine its general state of health. Remote monitoring allows us to detect many problems before they become apparent, allowing a proactive response to problems before they escalate. We will monitor the status of your backup too, so we can spot backup failures, as soon as they occur.  Your server memory and disk capacity will be monitored.  We will deal with problems promptly and where possible we will do this remotely.

Remote Workstation Support
Remote support for individual desktops ensures prompt and efficient solutions for  problems and closer support of end-users. Working remotely is like having us sitting at your workstation, solving your problems, with you.

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