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Sunday, 03 Mar 2024

Web Design

Researchers have found that internet users make up their minds about the quality of a website in just a twentieth of a second {Source}. Your website is the online representation of your business and your potential customers will make judgements about your organisation, products or services, based on their experience with your site.

Professional web design

Are you looking for a trusted and experienced company who can:

  • Maintain your existing website
  • Create your replacement website
  • Design and host your brand new website

Based in Bristol, AJP offers web development and website services to customers across the South West. With a proven track record of supporting SMEs, not for profit organisations, charities and the public sector, we take the time to understand the challenges and opportunities faced by your organisation and have the experience and design skills to assist you in developing a successful online presence.

Web development

We design websites that are:

  • Fast to load
  • Intuitive to navigate for both first time and repeat visitors
  • Clearly showing who you are and what products or services you offer
  • Free of coding errors
  • Optimised for search engine rankings
  • Cross browser compliant
  • Accessible for people with disabilities

The design of your website is crucial to its, and therefore your, success. It should reflect your organisation and the services or products that you provide, in a way that is distinctive, modern and attractive to your target market.

Online marketing

As your primary sales and marketing tool, your website should allow quick and easy access to the information that visitors are looking for. It should be fast to load; both initially and when navigating around the site. It should be memorable and frequently updated with interesting and relevant content so to encourage your visitors to keep coming back.

Keeping website content up to date

A Web Content Management System offers a scalable website with functionality that can be more easily extended than a static site. Our CMS website design allows you to log into the website yourself, to make changes to existing text, images, documents or video and to add new pages without the inevitable time delays and cost implications of paying someone else maintain your site for you.


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