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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Microsoft Frontpage 2000

Course Objectives

Microsoft Frontpage 2000After students complete this course, they should be able to do the following:

  • Create a new FrontPage web
  • Create links between and within web pages
  • Apply formatting to characters and paragraphs and apply themes
  • Insert, size, align, and link images
  • Create, modify, and enhance a table
  • Perform basic web page management techniques.

Who Should Attend?

You will probably get the most out of this course if you want to learn how to create and edit webs and web pages, apply paragraph and character formatting to web pages, create links between and within pages, create links to the World Wide Web, create a Navigation bar, insert and create links from images, insert and format tables, and import, rename, delete, and publish a web.

Course Contents

Introduction to FrontPage.

  • Viewing a completed web site
  • Overview of the FrontPage environment
  • Creating a web page

Linking web pages

  • Creating internal links
  • Creating external links
  • Creating a Navigation bar

Enhancing web pages

  • Formatting text on a web page
  • Applying themes

Adding pictures to a web page

  • Inserting pictures
  • Using pictures as hyperlinks

Working with tables

  • Creating a table
  • Modifying a table
  • Enhancing a table

Introduction to web page management

  • Importing a web site
  • Working with web pages and web sites

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