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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024

Microsoft Outlook 2002

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Microsoft Outlook 2000Microsoft Outlook 2002 is part of the Microsoft Office XP Suite, first released on 31st May 2001.

Microsoft Outlook 2002 introduced coloured appointments.  You can colour individual and recurring appointments with one of 10 predefined colours. Each colour has an associated label, so you can organise your appointments according to the labels. (You can also change the label text if you want.) In addition, you can set up automatic formatting that will colour all appointments that meet the same condition. For example, you could set up automatic formatting to colour red any meeting that's organised by your manager.

If multiple reminders occur at the same time, Microsoft Outlook 2002 combines them into one dialogue box. This reduces clutter, especially when starting Outlook after the reminder time for several items has passed, such as when you come back from being out of the office. You can dismiss reminders individually or all at once with the Dismiss All button.

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