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Microsoft Outlook 2000

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Microsoft Outlook 2000 Microsoft Outlook 2000 is part of the Microsoft Office 2000 Suite, first released on 27th Jan 1999. 

The choice of e-mail editor is enhanced in Microsoft Outlook 2000.  In Microsoft Outlook 2000, you can choose whether you want to use Microsoft Word as your default e-mail editor, and you can choose whether you want to send messages as plain text, HTML, or Microsoft Outlook Rich Text. You can use any of these message formats with either Outlook or Word as your e-mail editor. You can always create a single message in a format or e-mail editor other than the defaults that you've chosen.

The Outlook Today page provides an overview of your day. By using Outlook Today, you can see how many messages you have in the Inbox, your appointments over the next few days, and your list of tasks — all in one place. You can also complete some common tasks on the Outlook Today page, such as checking off task items you've completed. And if you want detailed information about an appointment or meeting, just click it. The Outlook Today page is also customisable.

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