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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Microsoft Project 2002

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Microsoft Project 2002 The improved Microsoft Project interface is a familiar and intuitive Microsoft Office XP interface. The interface includes informative task panes and toolbars that make it easy to use Microsoft Project.

Smart tag indicators give you feedback when certain changes to the project plan occur. For example, when a resource is added to a task, a smart tag prompts you for clarification and offers other scheduling calculations that may be more appropriate.

You can convert task lists from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Project Web Access into project plans in Microsoft Project. New import and export capabilities, such as the Excel task list template, make it easier than ever to switch between Excel and Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Visio integration. You can export dates and tasks from Microsoft Project to create high-level timelines and Gantt charts in Visio.

Multiple baselines. You can save and store full baseline data up to 11 times over the course of any project.

Project Information Views. A variety of improvements have been made to project data views, including the following.
Network Diagram view. You can now group summary tasks and display standard indicators and custom fields in the Network Diagram view.
Usage views. You can group assignments and roll up grouped, time-phased information in usage views. You can even include totals when you print usage views.

Three-tiered timescales. A third level for timescale labels has been added to Gantt chart and other graph and usage views.

We offer three levels of training for Microsoft Project 2002 - Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

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