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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Microsoft Word 2003

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Microsoft Word 2003It is probably fair to say that Microsoft Word 2003 evolved gradually from its predecessor, Microsoft Word 2002. There was not the total re-writing of the User Interface which came in later versions.

Among the new features introduced in Microsoft Word 2003 was a new view called “Reading Layout View”. This view makes it easier to read a document on screen by hiding unnecessary toolbars, displaying the Document Map so you can quickly jump to sections of the document and automatically scaling the contents of a document to pages that fit comfortably on your screen and that are easy to browse.

Other notable features include the new Research task pane. The Research task pane offers a wide variety of reference information and expanded resources if you have an Internet connection. You can conduct research on topics using an encyclopaedia, Web search, or by accessing third-party content.

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