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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Microsoft Office Outlook 97

Course Objectives

Microsoft Outlook 97This half day course covers the essentials of Outlook then goes on to cover some of the more advanced commands. The main objectives are to give users confidence to operate the program on their own, and to make them aware of the potential of this desktop information manager.

Who Should Attend?

Those who are new to Outlook and require an introduction to the application and those who have been working with the package already but have not yet tapped its full potential. Some understanding of using a Personal Computer and working in the Windows environment will be expected. The topics covered on our "Introduction to Microsoft Windows" course are an adequate prerequisite for this course. The course is aimed at people who will be using Outlook in a network environment rather than a single user environment.

Course Contents

The Calendar.

  • Altering the view of the Calendar
  • Creating appointments and events
  • Adding Holidays
  • Planning a meeting
  • Using filters and categories

Using the Task List.

  • Creating a task
  • Marking a task as completed
  • Altering the view of tasks
  • Working with task fields
  • Sorting and filtering tasks
  • Organising tasks
  • Assigning tasks to others

Keeping Contacts.

  • Creating contact items
  • Viewing contact information
  • Using your contact information in Word documents
  • Sorting and filtering contacts

Managing Messages in Outlook.

  • Sending & receiving e-mail messages
  • Replying to and forwarding messages
  • Viewing and organising messages
  • Sending & receiving Internet e-mail
  • Sending faxes
  • Understanding the Address Book
  • Create a Personal Distribution List

Using, creating and viewing Notes

The Journal.

  • Recording activities automatically
  • Creating Journal entries manually
  • Viewing Journal entries


  • AutoArchiving Outlook items
  • Manual Archiving
  • Exporting items
  • Deleting Items

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