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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Microsoft Excel 2003

Microsoft Excel 2003It is probably fair to say that Microsoft Excel 2003 is not drastically different from its predecessor, Microsoft Excel 2002.

In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, you can create lists in your worksheet to group and act upon related data. You can create a list on existing data or create a list from an empty range. When you specify a range as a list, you can easily manage and analyse the data independent of other data outside of the list. Additionally, information contained within a list can be shared with others through integration with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.

In the Professional Edition of Microsoft Office 2003, Excel offers a new feature, Information Rights Management (IRM), which helps you prevent sensitive information from getting into the hands of the wrong people, whether by accident or carelessness.Authors use the Permission command to give users Read and Change access, as well as to set expiration dates for content. Authors can remove restricted permission from a document, workbook, or presentation by simply giving the Unrestricted command.

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