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Thursday, 18 Jul 2024

Star Office Writer

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StarCreate, convert, and collaborate on documents with Star Office Writer.  Unlike Open Office, Star Office comes with a number of additional form templates including sample memos, faxes, letters, and resumes.  Easily create documents that include columns, text frames, table of contents, index, tables, nested tables, java applications, and embedded hyperlinks.  The mail merge wizard is included for hard copy and email letters.  Setup custom macros to automate tasks.  A really cool feature is the "Format Paintbrush" which transfers formatting from one set of text or objects to another saving time and headaches.  Write is also compatible with Microsoft Office and WordPerfect and allows you to publish Adobe .pdf documents.  For those more technical minded folks out there Writer offers extensive XML and XHTML support.  Collaborate with others via the records change management function, and compare and merge changes that others have made to a shared document.

We offer three levels of training for StarOffice Writer, Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

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