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Tuesday, 25 Jun 2024

Microsoft Project 2000

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Microsoft Project 2000 Project management software has a reputation of not being very user-friendly.  Project 2000 hopes to change all that with support for the full lifecycle of projects from initial definition and planning, progress tracking, managing resources, costs and risks, to reporting and reviewing.

A new feature in this version is that project managers may specify a list of acceptable values that can be entered into a field. These appear as drop-down lists when the user enters data into that cell. These lists of values can be set in project templates and copied between projects using the Organizer.

Many project management packages allow you to sort your tasks and resources. Project 2000 also allows you to group tasks by priority, cost and duration, for instance, and see rolled-up totals for those groups. If required, you can even have multiple levels of grouping.

You're able to define custom outline numbering systems with mixtures of letters and numbers. This allows you to define your own WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), which can be used to analyse the work done across many projects. Corporate standard cost and job codes could be implemented using this feature.

We offer three levels of training for Microsoft Project 2000 - Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced.

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