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Thursday, 25 Apr 2024

Microsoft Outlook 2002 - Intermediate

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Course Objectives

This half day course covers the essentials of using Outlook at an Intermediate level. The main objectives are to give users theoretical and practical knowledge of tasks like sharing diaries, setting up public folders, planning meetings, designing custom forms, designing views, using offline folders and carrying out a mail merge.

Who Should Attend?

Those who have been using Outlook but have not yet tapped into some of the features available, like how to share diaries and design custom forms.

Some understanding of using Microsoft Outlook (e.g. calendar, e-mail and tasks) will be expected. The topics covered on our "Introduction to Microsoft Outlook" course are an adequate prerequisite for this course.

Some of the features on the course (e.g. sharing diaries, setting up public folders and using offline folders) are only available when Outlook is connected to an Exchange Server.

Course Contents

Sharing a Calendar.

  • Public folders
  • Private folders
  • Delegate Access
  • Setting Sharing Permissions

Planning a meeting.

  • Inviting people to meetings
  • Automatically booking conference rooms


  • Assigning tasks to other people
  • Accepting/Declining tasks
  • Sending tasks updates
  • Sharing a tasks folder
  • Designing custom views

Using Offline Folders.

  • Creating an offline folders file
  • Synchronizing
  • Downloading the Offline Address book


  • Setting up a company-wide contacts folder
  • Using the contacts folder to e-mail people
  • Using the contacts folder in Word
  • Creating custom forms

Managing Messages in Outlook.

  • Out of Office Assistant
  • In box Assistant
  • Setting delivery receipts and read receipts
  • Delaying the departure of messages


  • AutoArchiving Outlook items
  • Manual Archiving
  • Exporting items
  • Deleting Items

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