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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Lotus 1-2-3 - Intermediate

Course Objectives

This one day course, through hands on experience, will enable attendees to carry out complex data analysis by mastering some of 1-2-3's advanced features in the following areas: 1) Automating processes utilising the Macro facility, 2) Utilising rarely discovered @ Functions and 3) Advanced what-if analysis through the use of What If tables.

Who Should Attend?

Experienced users of Lotus 1-2-3 who would like to increase their expertise within this powerful software package. To gain full benefit from the course attendees should be familiar with all the topics covered on the "Introduction To Lotus 1-2-3" course.

Course Contents

The creation, naming and execution of keyboard macros to automate sequences of operations currently carried out manually.

Designing a macro to access a variable range.

Tracing and Single Stepping through macros to debug them.

Assigning macros to worksheet buttons to simplify execution.

Utilising 1-2-3's date and time @ Functions for date and time arithmetic.

Using the @IF function to carry out logical arithmetic.

Using Logical Operators to combine logical conditions.

The creation and use of lookup tables via the @VLOOKUP function.

Using the Range, Analyze, What-if Table command to enable comparisons of scenarios without editing existing data.

Applying the Range, Name, Use Labels command.

Time permitting Advanced Data Querying through:

  • Choosing The Order And Number Of Fields Computed Columns In Data Query
  • Crosstab Reports

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