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Monday, 14 Oct 2019

Microsoft Access 2003 - Introductory

Course Objectives

This one day course will give participants an overview of Microsoft Access and make them aware of the broad capabilities of the program. All the standard database commands will be covered including creating and working with tables, using queries to filter out required records, designing and using forms, and producing structured reports. A brief introduction to macros will be shown if time permits.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for computer users with little or no previous experience of Access, but who require a basic understanding of the product. Some knowledge of computer basics and working with Windows is expected. The topics covered on our "Introduction to Microsoft Windows" course are an adequate prerequisite for this course.

Course Contents

The concept of a database.

Introduction to Access and summary of its setup.

Creating a new data table.

Working with data, editing shortcuts etc.

Redesigning the structure.

Field properties.

Using query files to select certain fields, use extract criteria, and sort records.

Creating entry forms.

Designing reports and discussing output options.

Course Summary.

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