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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Microsoft Excel 2007 - VBA

Course Objectives

This one day course gives an overview of Excel’s programming language (VBA). The course will introduce the Visual Basic Editor screen (VBE), discuss the major programming concepts, cover error checking tools and enable users, through a workshop, to try out practical examples.

Who Should Attend?

Those who have advanced knowledge of Excel 2007 and who would like a broad overview of Excel's macro language. The course does not assume previous experience of macros although it would help if delegates have recorded some macros in the past. Delegates who do not have this level of knowledge of Excel should first attend our "Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Advanced" course.

Course Contents

Using the Visual Basic Editor

  • Object Properties
  • Methods
  • Events
  • The Object Browser

Data Types

  • Declaring Variables
  • The scope of variables




  • Creating a user defined function


  • Using If and Else
  • Using Select Case


  • For/Next
  • Do While/Loop

User Interaction

  • Message Boxes
  • InputBox function
  • Creating a User Form
  • Attaching events to User Form buttons

Error Handling

  • Understanding different types of errors
  • VBA debugging tools
  • Breakpoints and Watch windows
  • Stepping through code
  • Handling errors


  • Using examples to practice VBA techniques
  • Option for users to create macros of their own choice

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