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Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 - Advanced

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Course Objectives

This one day course will cover the advanced commands of this powerful presentation package. The topics covered will permit users to customise a number of areas of PowerPoint, utilise more advanced presentation content and automate certain presentation techniques.

Who Should Attend?

An existing user of PowerPoint who feels they would like to know more about the advanced features of the package. A working knowledge of the program will be assumed, as well as basic understanding of word processing and spreadsheet concepts. The topics covered on our "Introduction to Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003" course are an adequate prerequisite for this course.

Course Contents

Creating a Custom Design Template.

  • Change the Background
  • Insert Graphics
  • Add a Footer
  • Formatting Bullets
  • Modify the Slide Master Text
  • Save a Design Template

Creating Presentations with Special Effects.

  • Change the Orientation of Objects
  • Grouping Objects
  • Ungrouping Objects
  • Layer Objects
  • Add a Sound Object
  • Animating Objects
  • Changing the Order of Effects

Delivering a Presentation.

  • Send a Presentation to Word
  • Add Emphasis During Your Presentation
  • Take Meeting Notes
  • Setting Up a Slide Show to Run Automatically
  • Recording a Narration
  • Take a Presentation on the Road

Creating Presentations for the Web.

  • Run the AutoContent Wizard,
  • Add Hyperlinks,
  • Add Objects from Other MS Applications,
  • Publish to the Web

Reviewing and Broadcasting Presentations.

  • Create a Presentation from an Outline
  • Send a Presentation for Review
  • Review a Presentation
  • Applying Reviewer Changes
  • Set Up and Schedule an Online Broadcast

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