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Tuesday, 30 Nov 2021

Microsoft Project 98 - Advanced

Table of contents
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Course Objectives

This course builds on day to day project management using Microsoft Project, covering the advanced features of the application, including heavy emphasis on customising of the application itself.

Who Should Attend?

High level users of Microsoft Project, potentially Project Managers, who have a leading role in using this application as the main tool for tracking multiple projects.

Previous experience of using Microsoft Project to an intermediate level will be assumed. Delegates who do not have this level of knowledge of Microsoft Project should first attend our "Microsoft Project Intermediate" course.

Course Contents

Managing the Project.

  • Management Criteria
  • Planned Dates
  • Actual Dates
  • Scheduled Dates
  • Managing Time
  • Examine an Existing Project
  • Modify it According to Current Information

Interesting Features and Shortcuts.

  • The Task Information Form
  • Modifying the Display
  • Recurring Tasks
  • Adding a Recurring Task
  • More Shortcuts

Templates, Wizards and Macros.

  • Sample Templates
  • Use a Sample Template
  • The Template Wizard
  • Automatically Launching the Template Wizard
  • Create the Auto_Open macro().


  • Custom Reports
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Filters
  • Adding Columns to Tables
  • Custom Toolbars
  • Custom Menus
  • The Organizer

Overview of MS Project Macros and VBA.

  • The VBA Macro Editing Program
  • The VB Editor
  • Working With Modules
  • Editing Macros
  • Overview of Object Hierarchy
  • Common Objects
  • Application Object
  • Application Object Methods
  • Options & Levelling Properties
  • Corresponding Application Methods
  • CurrentView, CurrentTable and CurrentFilter
  • List Collections

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