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Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018

Microsoft Windows XP - Introductory

Course Objectives

This one day course aims to introduce basic computer concepts to new users of microcomputers. This course will develop an understanding of the essential components of hardware and software. A primary objective is to give new users confidence in operating their machine. After attending this course participants will be familiar with the common and graphical user interface of Windows XP. The course will enable them to carry out basic management tasks on their application windows and data files.

Who Should Attend?

First time users of an IBM Personal Computer or compatible. The course is a prerequisite for clients who are later attending Introductory software courses for Windows XP based software products. This course is also suitable for current users of a Personal Computer who feel they need to develop a better understanding of the basic concepts of their machine and operating environment.

Course Contents

An introduction to the basic Computer Hardware devices.

  • Internal memory - RAM and ROM
  • External memory - floppy disks and hard disks
  • Printers

An Introduction to Microsoft Windows.

The basic components of a Window.

Using the mouse.

Using the Start Menu and Task Bar.

An Introduction to the Windows Accessories.

Using menus and dialog boxes.

Running and managing more than one application at the same time.

Getting help.

Moving and copying data within and between files and applications via the Clipboard.

Utilising the My Computer icon & window for file management.

  • Exploring a drive
  • Changing views
  • Formatting Disks
  • Creating, finding, moving, copying, renaming and deleting folders
  • Finding, viewing, moving, copying, renaming and deleting files

The Recycle Bin.

  • Emptying
  • Restoring deleted files from

Creating and deleting Desktop Shortcuts.

Shutting down your computer.

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