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Tuesday, 09 Mar 2021

Star Office Impress - Introductory

Table of contents
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Course Objectives

This course aims to give users a broad introduction to Impress making attendees aware of as many features as possible during the day. The main objective is to create effective and clear business presentations. Following the course we hope clients will be able to return and use the product confidently, to be aware of the quickest ways to carry out the main commands, and know broadly the capabilities of the product.

Who Should Attend?

Any new user of Impress or any existing user who feels they should be more aware of the program's many features and shortcuts. Previous knowledge of the program will not be assumed although some knowledge of computer basics and working with Windows is expected. The topics covered on our "Introduction to Microsoft Windows" course are an adequate prerequisite for this course.

Course Contents

Utilising the Presentation Wizard.

Choosing the slide layout.

Adding clip art.

Creating new slides.

Demoting and Promoting bullet points.

Creating a basic graph.

Running a slide show.

Creating speakers notes.

Switching templates.

Exploring the 5 views.

Selecting, Grouping, Ungrouping, Moving & Nudging objects.

Duplicating and deleting slides.

Formatting placeholders.

Utilising the Format Painter icon.

Importing a chart from Calc.

Changing slide layout.

Choosing a new bullet style.

Copying pages between presentations.

Creating a slide from the Outline view.

Adding pictures from external sources.


  • Changing chart type
  • Charting with multiple data ranges
  • Switching the orientation of the graph
  • Changing display settings for the bars, titles and legend text, chart and legend areas
  • Copying & Linking to a graph from Calc


  • Inserting a spreadsheet for use as a table
  • Using drawn objects to construct a table
  • Adding data to the table
  • Formatting the table
  • Adding a column to a table
  • Removing a table row
  • Formatting table contents
  • Adding borders to a table

Drawing basics.

  • Drawing objects proportionally or not
  • Re-sizing objects proportionally or not
  • Arranging the stacking order
  • Setting the alignment
  • Distributing objects evenly
  • Changing display settings of drawn objects
  • Grouping and ungrouping drawn objects.

Organisation Chart.

Utilising flow chart objects and connectors to create an Organisation chart

Adjusting display settings for the org chart

Editing an organisation chart


  • Printing in greyscale or colour
  • Printing handouts, speakers notes, the outline and slides
  • Animating a screen show
  • Applying transition effects to your slides
  • Applying build effects to your slides

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